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Rent Your Property Without An Agent

You have chosen to look after the management of your own investment property without a real estate agent.advertise for rent

That’s great.

But you want to be able to expose your rental property to the largest pool of potential tenants possible, advertising your property online, right?

For only $145 until leased, your investment property will be advertised on realestate.com.au. And you edit / make changes to your rental listing 24/7.

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When you find your tenant, please let us know ASAP so we can remove your listing.

Tips on advertising your rental property

Presenting your property

  1. Ensure your property is well presented before you advertise.
  2. Keep your property clean and uncluttered, especially when showing prospective tenants.
  3. Display your property in the best way possible with high quality photographs.

Pricing your property

  1. Checked the ‘leased’ section for your area on the major real estate websites.
  2. Take note of rental prices of the most similar 4-6 properties that have been leased in last 6 months.
  3. Also be aware of other competing properties for rent in your area.

Promoting your property

  1. Concentrate on displaying / describing the key benefits to a prospective tenant.
  2. Go online and use social media sites to advertise or share the listing.
  3. Make descriptions simple and easy to read – don’t waffle on.
  4. Include location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, utilities and pet policy, and date the rental is available from.

Qualifying prospective tenants

  1. Contact them as soon as you can once you receive an enquiry.
  2. Ask them when they require to move and general questions about their renting history.
  3. If you both agree to an inspection, ensure you give current tenants adequate notice.

Please note that we are licenced agents however we do not provide specific rental or tenancy advice or documentation. We strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with the Property Tenancy Act pertaining to the State your property is located in.