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In 2023 Agent in a Box merged with Buy My Place to create Australia’s largest online ‘Private Sale’ agency. With over 20,000 properties sold and leased across the country, we understand how this works.

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Before you make that all important decision about how you are going to sell your home or property, take just a few minutes to download and read this FREE REPORT. A report that a whole industry would prefer you didn’t see.

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This FREE REPORT will challenge what you think now, and may have thought in the past, about how to go about selling a property. I guarantee you will have a much clearer picture on the path you will take after reading it.

This Report answers questions such as:

  • Am I allowed to sell my own home?
  • Do Agents have access to and control over ALL buyers?
  • Can I advertise my own home to the whole buying market?
  • How do buyers actually know that my property is on the market?
  • Is it tricky talking to and negotiating with a buyer?
  • How do I find the time to sell my own home?
  • ….and much more

How you CAN sell your own home or property successfully without paying commission, and why a $7 Billion a year industry doesn’t want you to.

CAUTION: I am a straight shooter and have ALWAYS told it like it is. The information I am sharing is the result of fifteen years of first-hand, front-line and ethical property marketing, negotiation and sales. I am leaving nothing out!


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