About Agent In A Box

“I love real estate, but I was fed up with all the BS.  So I created an easy to follow platform that shows and teaches you how to market and sell your own home, or property – AND NEVER have to pay commission again!”

 Founder, Agent in a Box

Our Vision:

“As passionate and experienced Real Estate Consumer Advocates our sole aim is to show and teach as many Australians as possible, how to successfully market and sell their own home or property; and NEVER have to pay commission again.”

Soon after the 2008 Global Financial Meltdown, buyers and sellers shifted their focus to a massive new ‘Save and Seek Value’ marketplace – The Internet.

The new ‘Golden Rule of Real Estate’ had been well and truly established – “Buyers Follow Property, Not Agents.”

With home buyers pouring online to search for their next property, the seed for Agent in a Box was sown.

I knew that with my property marketing and sales experience, Australian home owners could harness the power of the internet to control the sale of their own property, saving enormous amounts of money (and time).

You deserved a reliable, affordable and easy to use alternative to the trust defficient, commission burdening sales model;  so I created one for you!

As a leading training and knowledge sharing company, we teach you  how to successfully list, market and sell your own home, or property – in the time it would take you to watch the nightly news!

Hundreds upon hundreds of Australians have already sold their homes, land, apartments, acreages…with our know-how and resources; and collectively saved MILLIONS in commission – at last count around $14,000 saved on average per sale!

As a Real Estate Consumer Advocates in the Private House Sales space, we are proud to have built a reputation for reliability and backing our sellers 100% since 2013.

What are you waiting for? You can do it too!

With our expert team’s 16+ years of proven experience in successful and ethical property marketing, negotiation and sales, you can be assured that the choice to sell your own home or property, with us by your side, is the right one.

5 star review

$13,200 in saved commission. Thank you AIAB.

Wow!!! What an easy way to sell your home! $13,200 better off in our pocket. Craig’s support and information is amazing. If you follow Craig’s steps and watch the videos you can’t go wrong. Now to book that holiday with my saved commission.

Linda – Prenzlau Qld

feefo verified review