Why does WHY matter when you sell your own home?

Why does WHY matter when you sell your own home?

Generally speaking, we humans have a reason for almost everything we do.

Taking it as far back to our primal ancestors, they hunted to get food to eat because they were hungry, and if hunger hung around too long, they would expire.

Although the rules of engagement are becoming a little confusing, we, and as our ancestors did, do our level best to attract a member of the opposite sex to engage in sexual congress to procreate, therefore growing, continuing and hopefully, improving the species.

I’m no anthropologist, but we all display and carry out certain behaviours based on survival and avoiding pain, or even worse!

In today’s society and environment, whilst survival is still an inherent instinct, ensuring our needs are met – we go to work to pay for shelter and food is the most basic example – we now actively pursue our wants as well; the things that provide status, attention, a sense of achievement.

It all boils down to what our ‘WHY’ is.

That reason for doing, or not doing, something.

And the stronger the ‘why’, the more likely we are of getting it, doing it or achieving it.

Understanding and knowing your ‘why’ in any endeavour is the foundation of a successful outcome.

Put basically, your ‘why’ is your motivation.  Without motivation, goals and desired outcomes are very hard to reach.

Why am I selling my home?

In the world of Real Estate and property transactions, the ‘why’ held by market participants is often overlooked in favour of the facts and mechanisms that go into marketing and trading property.

I have always tried to understand the ‘why’ of both buyers and sellers, because, to put it quite simply, if the ‘why’ is unknown, weak or ignored, not much happens and the process gets bogged down – with disappointed players on both side of the net.

The three undeniable ‘how’s’ that sell any property are: Presentation, Promotion and Pricing.

But the one thing that ensures that these vital process components are properly put in place is the ‘why’.

Why am I selling my home?

There are myriad of reasons that people sell, however, if their motivation to sell and be somewhere else is less than 100%, things can start to look shaky.

The phrase I have used for many years, still stands the test is: If you are not in a hurry to sell; the market is not in a hurry to buy.

Always remember, those who ‘need to’ see better, faster results than those who just ‘want to’.

When the ‘why’ is valid, true and without question, the process smooths out and results (enquiries and offers) begin to appear.

Cue the choir and sunbeams through the clouds

And the pace of the process and success for any seller is amplified when their ‘why’ is matched by the buyer’s ‘why’. Do they need to buy as much as the seller needs to sell? When the answer is YES, to both (cue the choir and sunbeams through the clouds) the magic happens – a great sale, with reasonable conditions and two happy players.

Always remember, those who ‘need to’ see better, faster results than those who just ‘want to’.

Find your ‘why’ for any undertaking, especially when you want to sell your own home, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve, and the right result is almost a formality.






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