Where did that one go?! Even got to sell my house – he still found me!

Where did that one go?! Even got to sell my house – he still found me!

What did you make of 2018?

We all have ‘stuff’ going on at any given time, and hopefully the good stuff outweighed the bad for you in 2018.

For me and my beautiful cook, becoming empty nesters and diving into our second sea-change was very satisfying, yet not without some challenges to get there.

Many parents wait and wait for their kids to fly the coop these days.  Why wait? We sold and flew the coop instead! But they know where we live – the cook looked a tad miffed when I said, “Hey, let’s keep our new address a secret.”

My three boys are strong minded, independent young men, thriving with their partners and work life; well two of them – the eldest bloke has a loving partnership with Tinder.

I can honestly say, “Where did that year go?” But I believe that is because I had, and continue to have, a clear purpose.

I’ll give you one of my life tips to close out 2018.  No, its not about selling your own home or how to sell without agents, its about being better today than you were yesterday.

One of the men (or do I have to say ‘people’) of the moment is Dr Jordan Peterson, who has set the internet alight and tongues wagging with his no-nonsense brand of common sense, and observations on much of the noise being produced from ideological minorities and ‘progressive’ movements.

Yep, I’m listening to him and reading his stuff.  I might not agree with 100% of what he says, but if you want to push through your agenda, see him as an impediment and want to bulldoze your beliefs/ideology upon others, you had really better know your shit because he will slice and dice your argument in just a few sentences (even when he is being interrupted).

When we are drawn to an individual and what they share really resonates with us, there is usually a handful of takeaways that stick with us.

For me, my takeaway is, and I might paraphrase a little here, Jordan said, “Life IS chaotic, it is hard, but for those people who push through it and have a purpose, life can be pretty good.”

This helped confirm one of my own philosophies (here is the tip I promised): If you continue to look back you will continue to stumble and fall; look forward always, live in the moment and consider the past as a fond memory or most importantly, if required, a lesson.

What made you smile about 2018?  What did you learn from it? What will you do better tomorrow that can fix what might have happened today or prevent a repeat? What is your ‘WHY’- your purpose for the year ahead?

Myself and the team at Agent in a Box sincerely hope that 2019 is more purposeful than chaotic for you and that you have a very Merry Christmas 2018.

Oh…by the way.

Business as usual for Agent in a Box over the Christmas/New Year Break.

We won’t be handling any business on Christmas Day, but rest assured any enquiry or required assistance will be dealt with from Boxing Day on.

Thanks for your support and watch out for strange RV’s in your drive on Christmas morning.



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