What’s The Four Letter Word I Must Avoid When I Sell My House?

keep calm and no swearing

What’s The Four Letter Word I Must Avoid When I Sell My House?

My wife is adamant that I taught her to swear.

Ok. Guilty your Honour.

Fourteen years as a front-line cop honed my skills in that regard down to a fine art.

The cook and I met on a blind date and we truly fell in love at first sight.

Yeah, f***ing romantic isn’t it?!  Oops, see!

Now as a professional Real Estate Agent, I am very careful.

Meeting with and speaking to clients, in person and over the phone, I have to switch off ‘knock about, don’t s**t me’ Craig, and switch on ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ Craig.

I believe swearing is a vital timing and relevance component of any language; used sparingly and with the right emphasis, it can enhance any story, explanation or response.

As the legendary Billy Connolly said, “A lot of people say that it’s a lack of vocabulary that makes you swear. Rubbish. I know thousands of words but I still prefer ‘f—.'”

But there is one word in the world of real estate that draws huge guffaws, WTF’s; has caused women to faint, men to reach for the nearest weapon and others to run straight for the medicine cabinet.

Any guesses what it is?


This filthy four-letter word usually comes from the mouth of an agent after he has given the seller(s) the price in the first place and, as a result, enquiry from buyers has been a little light on.

“Um, Bill and Mary, it’s a bit quiet around your place, so we might have to DROP the price.”

“Bill,” Mary shrieks “put down the knife.”

I can swear with the best of them. Actually, I think I would be gold medal status, but the one word that never enters my real estate vocabulary is DROP.

For clients who have taken the sell my own home path, there can come that time when they realise they might have ‘overshot the runway’ on price – buyers are staying away in droves.

I usually get asked, “Should we DROP the price.”

My response is always,  “Please don’t swear at me.  No need to use the ‘D’ word.  You may look to consider your value beliefs to those of the market, and then meet the market, with a price adjustment.”

Much nicer don’t you think?!

Much to my wife’s displeasure, the only time you will hear me use the word DROP is when I yell, “How could you DROP that you silly f***ing d***head!” when watching my beloved Sharks play.

So let’s keep it clean from now on and drop the “D” word form our real estate vocab.

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