It doesn’t work – I can’t sell my house

Paying agent's commission is like flushing money down the toilet

It doesn’t work – I can’t sell my house

Lets’ face it. Not EVERY house or property sells in a heartbeat. And some can take considerably longer than others.

Real Estate sales can be tricky and for those who have not been exposed on a regular basis to the marketing, buyer attraction and engagement, and negotiation process that goes into selling a property, it can be a daunting process.

To sell your own home might not be an undertaking that every owner/seller has the confidence and motivation to embark upon.

However, that increasing number of home and property owners who do, almost to a man (and woman), say it is the best thing they have ever done.

The empowerment and skills they quickly grasp not only helps them secure a great deal on their sale, but the shared knowledge provided can be used in all walks of life.

If you had a serious medical condition that required immediate attention and the specialist/surgeon you were referred to had something like 1,000 similar successful procedures under their belt over a decade or more, how confident would you feel placing your faith in them to get the job done and make you well again?

The private house sales space is no different.

Take Agent in a Box for example.

It is a property marketing, sales and support system based on the following skill set and experience over the last 15 years:

  • More than 1,200 marketing campaigns created and conducted
  • Over 25,000 buyer enquiries, engagements and interactions
  • Over 7,000 Open homes and personal inspections conducted
  • Well over 1,000 negotiations conducted
  • Over 1,000 completed traditional sales PLUS almost 1200 assisted sales through the AIAB system

Does that sound like we might know what we are doing?

How confident would you feel selling your own home with sort of experience and knowledge served up on a platter to you for less than the cost of a new mobile phone?

No – I am not plugging the business (well really, I am).

I am reminding all our members, current and future, that we REALLY know how Real Estate Sales work, yet for a few, sadly, they do not take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and support.

Case in question:

A male member listed a lovely cottage in an area growing in popularity, with sales activity in the area showing signs of being solid to very brisk.

The enquiries came in thick and fast for this property over a six-eight week period, and when you see this type of activity, you know it’s only a matter of time before we hear from the excited member saying, “I’ve got a contract” or “I’ve had an offer”.

In this case we received an email from the member asking for the property to be removed from the market.

OK, he must have sold it. I gave him a call.

“Hi (name), I see you are taking your property off the market. There has been loads of enquiry, have you sold?”

“No. I can’t sell my house. It doesn’t work!”

As I picked my jaw up from the desk, I asked, “Really? Over thirty direct enquiries on your place in a very active market. How many inspections did you have?”

“About 6 or 7”.

“Ok, what did the buyers say?”

“Not much, some who made appointments didn’t even turn up”.

I have to say here that buyer no-shows are not uncommon and simply part of the buyer ‘sifting’ process.

“Did you get any offers?”

“No, it just doesn’t work in this area.”

Straight away I knew buyers were not in agreeance with the seller’s price expectations – hence no offers – and he hadn’t asked the $64,000 question.

“Did you read our tutorial on how to get helpful buyer feedback?”


“Ok, you know you could have called us at anytime to get some guidance or advice- right?”

“Yeah, but, ummmm…I’m moving. I’m giving it to an agent.”

“I am sorry to hear that, one phone call to us could have made all the difference. All the best.”

This client took the path to pay an agent thousands of dollars for what he should have done himself by digesting the wealth of information and support we provide for a few hundred dollars.

Basically flushing his money down the crapper!

Help! I can't sell my house!

So, remember this: If you are not sure – ask.

“Help!! I can’t sell my house!”

There are no silly questions, just the silliness that goes with the result of a question going unasked.

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