I’m not in a hurry to sell my house – but hang on, where are the buyers?

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I’m not in a hurry to sell my house – but hang on, where are the buyers?

After 15 years in the frontlines of Real Estate, there are two statements that I wish I had of charged $10 a pop for hearing each time coming from the mouth(s) of a home seller.

This fund would have enabled me to be sitting in a private, tropical paradise, writing my memoirs whilst sipping on a breakfast cocktail – right now!

Today I am going to share #1: I’m not in a hurry to sell.

Each time I hear it, it takes enormous amounts of control and strength not to respond straight back with, “Well WHY are you selling?”

One thing I have learned in the last decade and a half in this game is – people aren’t too keen on hearing the truth.

So, I generally let that one fly through to the keeper.

The translation to this statement is not hard to figure out…

“I know, and you know, I want too much money for this place and I’m willing to wait around and waste your time, and mine, until some nuffy comes along who knows nothing about the local market and (hopefully) pays me overs to buy it.”

All too often the vendors who attempt to condition me and the market have their wishes granted.

Buyers stay away in droves and after a few weeks the inevitable terse question is asked of me by the vendor, “What have you been doing? No-one has come to look at the place. No offers!”

My courteous, yet blindingly truthful answer is always, “You said that you weren’t in a hurry.”

“I’m not, but why haven’t you brought any buyers?”

The answer to this is very simple.

If you aren’t in a hurry to sell, the market won’t be in a hurry to buy.

Buyers are always at the ready to jump on homes and property that represent good value within their price range.

They can sniff out and reject over priced homes quicker than you can say, “Where’s my sold sign?”

To sell your own home is no different to selling your car.

Say it’s time to sell the beloved family car and you place the ad on one of the big vehicle sales portals. When do you want the phone to ring with the first eager buyer?


You expect the phone to ring off the hook right from the get go.

Well, what’s different when you plaster the internet with, I want to sell my house?

Why do you have to wait a week, two weeks, a month or longer before buyers respond?

Hitting the market right between the eyes with a well presented, good value proposition WILL get the phones ringing and email pinging straight away!

Whether you are about to sell your own home or employ an agent, don’t ignore the fact that early buyer attention and action almost always leads to the best results.

Leaving your home or property to rot on the vine through unrealistic expectations is a long and painful way to get the business done.

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