Unless you are the owner of the ‘Star of Africa I’ diamond, you may need to re-think using the term ‘Unique’.

Wouldn’t it be the case that if something was so unique, the number of people interested in it/able to afford it would narrow down dramatically?

And the less people you attract will limit competition and therefore, ultimately, the sale price?

Unless you are the owner of the ‘Star of Africa I’ diamond, you may need to re-think using the term ‘Unique’.

Sure, as a marketer I understand better than most, that when you are offering a product or service you really need to define who your ‘target market’ is.

The current buzz term for this is referred to as a ‘niche’ market.

Come up with an idea that will solve the problem or satisfy the need of a specific group of people who see a solution to their issue, and they believe the cost of engaging that service of product will make their lives better, easier, happier (value)– AND there are enough of those people for your idea to make you a living or rich – then you have cracked line #1 of the successful business code.

However, when it comes time to sell your own home, it is important to identify who your ‘market’ is, but the more niche you believe your market to be and unique your property is, the harder the sales process can actually become.

‘Unique’ in the eyes of those home sellers who believe their property IS unique, usually leads to the biggest inhibitor of the sale process – unrealistic expectations.

Leading a marketing campaign with the term ‘Unique’ can be a recipe for disaster.  More than likely you are narrowing your potential market to a very small percentage of buyers who may share your vision and tastes.

I find that ‘Unique’ properties are generally offered by someone who purpose built their property to their specific tastes and specifications, to suit their lifestyle at that particular time.

And because that property was a labour of love, injected with loads of sweat tears, pride and cash, generally the expectations on price can repel even that small percentage of buyers who are even remotely attracted to it.

I had a conversation with a lovely lady the other day who described her property as ‘Unique’ at least four or five times in the first two minutes of our chat.

Sure, it wasn’t your run of the mill property – a small acreage with a business attached but I knew right there and then her potential marketing theme of ‘Unique’ would make matters more difficult to find a suitable buyer.

“Why not see your property and attached business as a LifeStyle OPPORTUNITY for someone? Work, rest and play all in the one place?!”

She went a bit quiet and then said, “Yes, I never thought of it like that.”

A simple adjustment to the marketing message changed the way she thought about her own property in such a way that she was thinking more about who might buy it, rather than boasting about its ‘Uniqueness’.

Do you want to sell your own property and believe it is unique?

Stop and think for a minute about what benefit the home or property offers to a potential buyer and shine the spotlight on that.

Remember: buyers react to benefits, not features or general terms such as ‘Unique’ – especially in a market that has steadied up; and buyers have more choice, whilst placing value at the top of their wish list.

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