For Sale By Owner Victoria

Selling a House Privately in Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria provides information on their website for those who choose not to sell their home or property through an agent. This information confirms that any home owner in Victoria is well within their legal rights to sell their home privately.

The most important issue to cover is seeking legal advice regarding contracts etc. prior to placing your home or property on the market.

They suggest Private Home Sellers follow these guidelines:

  • deciding the sale price or range. Consider engaging a qualified valuer to assess the property
  • advertising the property
  • negotiating the price
  • obtaining a deposit
  • providing the contract of sale with the vendor’s statement attached and arranging for it to be signed
  • handling settlement.

Most importantly………

You will need to prepare a vendor’s statement (also known as a section 32) and contract of sale, by either:

  • using a ‘do-it-yourself’ conveyancing kit that includes a contract of sale and vendor’s statement
  • engaging a conveyancer or legal practitioner to prepare the documentation for you.

We encourage you to visit the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading website for updated or additional information about selling your own home, or contact them directly:

Phone: 1300 65 44 99