Engage, Engage, Engage: Talk to Buyers When You Sell Your Own Home.

Engage:  Establish a meaningful contact or connection with.

That definition alone says it all.

Life is all about rapport building.

The fastest and most reliable way to find out if a buyer is fair dinkum is to talk to them – and I mean ear to ear or face to face.

Today’s increasingly preferred methods of communication; text, messaging or emailing is killing the art of quick, genuine and productive rapport building.

Life is all about rapport building.

It is not restricted to the world of sales, and in this case private house sales.

Everyday we build some rapport with someone.

This doesn’t mean you want to know their life story, or share yours, or become BFF’s and gush over each other on FB.

The cashier at the supermarket, the plumber you call to fix the sewer pipes, your child’s teacher, work colleagues, the person you are sitting next to on the flight to London…you may not be aiming to be their best friend, but simple courtesies and acknowledgements go a long way to establishing a pleasant, short term relationship that should benefit both parties for the duration of what ever experience you are sharing.

When you sell your own property, rapport building with buyers is critical to your success.

This doesn’t mean you want to know their life story, or share yours, or become BFF’s and gush over each other on FB.

Engagement, rapport building, is purely, in the world of sales and transactions, a means to understanding the needs and situation that pertain to the other party and whether your needs and situation are aligned to theirs.

Take a recent conversation I had with a client whose property was pretty hot from the get go.

“Just pick up the phone!”

“Hi Craig, wow, we have had some good interest from buyers, but no-one has made an offer.”

“Ok, why do you think that is?”

“Well, I’ve sent them all emails to say put forward your best offer and we’ll consider it, but no-one has replied.”

“Have you called any or all of them?”


“Any wonder?! Get on the phone and talk to them.  Engage them, find out what they are thinking, what their needs are, why your property interests them.”

“Oh, do you think that will help?”

“Just pick up the phone!”

Texting, messaging, emailing can play an important role in documenting certain stages of an interaction, negotiation or transaction, but we are quickly going to these means as our default communication choice and so much can be lost or misinterpreted.

Engaging a buyer is merely an opportunity to chat in order to reveal, share and find common ground.

Leaving it all to chance by communicating via a screen only, is a sure-fire way to encounter frustration and confusion when you are an owner selling your house or property.


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