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Photos, Phloorplans and Phideos – Expensive Overkill or Vital Marketing Components When Selling Your House?

3d floorplan
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Everybody wants top dollar when selling their own home – right?

Nah, dah?!

In today's buoyant market (primarily east coast Australia) we are bombarded daily with stories of frenzied auctions, sale times measured in hours and record prices.  


12 Real Estate Terms You Should Know When Selling Your Own Property

real estate terms
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In every industry, business sector or organised body of people, a language tends to form specific to those groups that individuals within the group can identify with and readily understand, allowing clear and concise communication within the group.

Many of us may know this as jargon.   

The Real Estate Industry is certainly one of the groups that has its share of 'terms' or 'Jargon' to describe people, events and situations that is unique to itself.    


4 Proven Tips to Negotiate Your Way to The Successful Sale of Your Own Home

Negotiate Your Way to The Successful Sale of Your Own Home
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One of the fears that seems to beset some of the hundreds of home owners who are thinking about selling privately is, "I’m not sure I can negotiate with a buyer."

Bullshit! You can. Anyone can.

My system has taught hundreds and hundreds of home sellers to take control of any negotiation and come out the other end with a deal to be more than happy with.          


Selling Your Home Just Became A Little More Expensive

Real Estate Lougle
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Now, when is that time machine going to be ready for action?

Have you ever seen the movie, “Hot Tub Time Machine”?

Silly, far-fetched, yet pretty funny none-the-less.

The part of this movie that made me laugh and say, “If only…”, was where the character ‘Lou’, who had been dragged back into time with his buddies, was back in the present day hosting a lavish party, in his mansion, covered in gold, sporting a nicely implanted head of hair and surrounded by gorgeous women – all based on his massive internet business: Lougle.