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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Selling Your Home Yourself

Cheat Sheet on Selling Your Own Home
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For years, no, make that decades, Agents have cast a spell over home and property owners to make them think that the only viable and safe way to sell your home was to hire an Agent in exchange for a healthy commission.

Now, in an age where the internet is THE greatest marketplace ever seen, a spot light has been well and truly shone on an industry that sometimes has to vigorously defend its practices and justify its existence to an increasingly better educated consumer.         


The Seven Things to Consider Before Selling Your Own Home

Contemplating selling own home
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Times are a-changing.

Up until, say, the last four or five years, there was one method that almost every potential home seller explored – consult the Yellow Pages and/or Google and find a good agent to sell their home.

Now, real alternatives are presenting to an awakening market.     


Selling Your Own Home? PART II of The ‘BIG 7’ Questions No Buyer Leaves Home Without

rabbit in headlights
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In my previous post, I revealed some of the most asked questions by buyers when they are enquiring about or inspecting your home.

As a traditional agent I have heard and responded to these questions more times than Hillary Clinton has said, “They picked the wrong guy!!”

If you are selling your own home, it might be to your benefit to pay attention to this instalment, and most commonly asked, buyer questions so there are no surprises at your next inspection.


Selling Your Own Home? The ‘BIG 7’ Questions No Buyer Leaves Home Without. They WILL Ask You These – Guaranteed!

deer in headlights
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Like a deer in the headlights. Like a rabbit in the sights.

You have shown a prospective buyer your home, and then they asked you THAT question!

Didn’t see that coming. What should I say?

Do you think they can see that drop of sweat running down the side of my face?