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How to disarm your buyer's 'Fault Finder' when you sell your own home?

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They are a suspicious lot, buyers.

Well, I suppose when you are about to spend hundreds of thousands (if not millions) on a property, you have every right to check under the hood and make sure everything works and its structurally sound.

Jeez, I would never buy a place without having a building inspector crawl all over it.

But even before a buyer gets to that stage, it's all about inspections to see where the property is and whether it ticks off the wish-list.  


How will buyers find me when I want to sell my own home?

how will buyers find my property
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Sorry folks, I'm afraid that ALL the Agents own ALL the buyers and you have no hope of selling unless you hire an Agent.

Haha! Gotcha!

That’s what many Agents would have you think.

Here is the Golden Rule of selling property:

Buyers follow property – not agents.


Should I Run Open Homes When I Sell My House?

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This is one of the most asked questions by those who are thinking about embarking on a sell you own home journey.

I could wind it up right here with the answer to the headline question with a resounding, "Yes!" - but I'll explain a little further why open homes are an important part of any marketing campaign.

In capital cities and most regional areas, buyers almost expect that the property that piques their interest will be open for inspection at some stage.


How important are photos when I sell my house?

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Maybe that question should read, "How important are great photos when I sell my house?"

On a scale of 1 – 10, the answer is 20!

Any images portraying your home or property for sale need to be a true representation of the property and be attractive to buyers.