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6 Ways To Really P*ss Buyers Off When Selling Your Home

angry buyer
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When you put your home on the market there is one, and only one outcome you are aiming for – Attract qualified buyers who will see value in your offering, make offers and allow you to sell for a price that makes everyone happy.

But nothing happens unless the first part of that statement is fulfilled.

"Attract buyers…"  


5 Reasons Why You Should Plant The Seed And Sell Your Home Before The Bloomin' Spring Rush

Selling in winter
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Ah, you can almost taste it.

After the first month of winter, can we dare to dream about emerging from our winter slumber and imagine the warmer breezes, longer days and intensified rays from the sun?

For those of you with homes that may go on the market soon, is it best to wait until the flowers bloom, grass gets greener or the big coat gets hung back in the wardrobe?       


BACK TO THE FUTURE... Is This A Bad Time to Sell A Home?

when is the best time to sell
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Are we about to revisit the dark days of 2008-2011?

Some (many) would have you think so.

Let's recap that carnage of almost a decade ago and how it affected us.

From around 2005, the US housing market was slowly unravelling and the sh*t really hit the fan on the 15th of September, 2008, when Lehman Brothers, one of America's biggest merchant banks, imploded with gargantuan debts of over $600 billion.         


Vital information for Australian Property Owners

75000 properties taxed
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Even if you follow the News Cycle – this is something important you MAY NOT have seen that impacts on residential property sales of $750,000+.

It’s Sunday.

It is a mild sunny day and the view from my desk is gorgeous and tranquil.

We have visitors from interstate, with whom we have laughed, ate and drank – and watched our beloved NRL side win from an unwinnable position (again)… Up Up!

Everyone is relaxed and enjoying a quiet, light, breezy afternoon.