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I Want to Sell My House But the Legal Stuff Frightens Me.

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This is the statement I am presented with the most by those enlightened souls who are thinking about heading down the sell your own home path.

And my response never changes…

"The legal side of it is a piece of cake. That is why your creator invented lawyers and conveyancers."

Even if you hire an agent, carriage of the contract will be (should be) handled by a trained property lawyer or conveyancer.     


9 Positive Buying Signals to Look Out for When You Sell Your Own Home

positive buying signals
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In my last post I shared the 8 signs that can tell you that a 'buyer' ain't buying.

We all have high hopes for every prospective buyer that walks through the door.

"Is this the one?"

"Will they like it?"

"Will they like it enough to make an offer?"

What are the tell-tale signs that a buyer is seriously warming to your place? 


The 8 Signs That They Aren’t Buying: What To Look Out For From Buyers When You Sell Your Own Home

qualifying property buyers
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Fact: Not every buyer you talk to or you show your home to is going to buy it.

I liken it to a funnel where buyers are poured into the top, they get mushed around and eventually one or two pop out at the end, who are real contenders.

It is a process of elimination.

Ultimately the buyer's perception of value and their need to buy ultimately determine their intentions. 


I'm not in a hurry to sell my house – but hang on, where are the buyers?

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After 15 years in the frontlines of Real Estate, there are two statements that I wish I had of charged $10 a pop for hearing each time coming from the mouth(s) of a home seller.

This fund would have enabled me to be sitting in a private, tropical paradise, writing my memoirs whilst sipping on a breakfast cocktail – right now!

Today I am going to share #1: I'm not in a hurry to sell.

Each time I hear it, it takes enormous amounts of control and strength not to respond straight back with, "Well WHY are you selling?"