A ‘Sell My Own Home’ Story

A ‘Sell My Own Home’ Story

How Max & Di did it themselves (with some help from us).

Max and Di are the sort of property owners you would find anywhere in Australia.

They have lived in Stafford Heights, a northern suburb of Brisbane, for 32 years and recently retired to the Sunshine Coast.

The time was right to sell the family home and move onto the next phase of their lives.

They, like every other home or property owner in Australia, asked the question, “Could I do this without an agent, sell my house? Save all that money on commission?”

“We’d heard that there were a few online real estate companies that could help you sell your own home without paying commission,” recalls Max.

“We had a sniff around the internet and saw this group called Agent in a Box.”

“The site and the process they offered looked pretty straight forward, but we still had a few questions, and we were a little nervous about doing it ourselves.”

“We decided to give them a call and spoke to the founder, Craig.”

“Within a few minutes we knew we had found the right place. His knowledge and straight forward approach was impressive.”

“We signed up, put together the info about our home and before we knew it, our property was on the big websites and a sign was delivered – it was real, we were on the market.”

“In the first week or so, we only had a few lookers come to our open homes but one lady made an offer which was way under what we really wanted. We weren’t sure what to do to get her price up or bring in a few more buyers.”

“Although there was plenty of advice and information on the Agent in a Box site, we thought it was time to talk to someone – we rang Craig.”

“We can’t believe how quickly Craig summed up our situation. We were firing questions and situations at him and he ended up saying, ‘You need to listen!'”

“Aren’t we glad we did. Craig gave us a couple of great ideas and tips that we used straight away.”

“This changed everything. Over the course of the next week we worked out the lady who had made the original offer was wasting our time, another couple who had shown tremendous interest were identified as ‘tyre kickers’ (we think it’s Craig’s favourite saying) and a serious buyer emerged and we agreed on a deal which gave us a price we were very happy with.”

“The whole process: signing up, putting our listing together, running some open homes, talking to buyers, dealing with offers and going to contract took about 6 weeks.”

“Looking back, I’m not sure what we were worried about.”

What was it that really impressed Max and Di about the process of selling their home without an agent?

“I think it was the quick and easy access to many years of real estate experience,” says Di

“I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with anyone who knows his stuff better than Craig. It’s like his entire working life and experience has been transferred to the information that’s offered on Agent in a Box.”

“Of course, not paying commission to sell my own home was a huge bonus and dealing directly with buyers helped us to understand how they really think.”

“We learned a lot from working with Agent in a Box. If we can do it, anyone can.”

Well done Max and Di – your success was well deserved.

Editors Note: Max and Di preferred to let their I SOLD IT sign do the talking rather than trying an ‘Oh What A Feeling’ Jump.

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