9 Positive Buying Signals to Look Out for When You Sell Your Own Home

9 Positive Buying Signals to Look Out for When You Sell Your Own Home

In my last post I shared the 8 signs that can tell you that a ‘buyer’ ain’t buying.

We all have high hopes for every prospective buyer that walks through the door.

“Is this the one?”

“Will they like it?”

“Will they like it enough to make an offer?”

What are the tell-tale signs that a buyer is seriously warming to your place?

For you to be able to pick up serious interest/buying signals you have to SWITCH-ON.

By switch on, I mean ramp up the voltage on your eyes and ears, and basically shut down your mouth.

You are going to watch for body language and listen to what they have to say, not just to you, but also who-ever is with them. Most buyers have a habit of thinking out loud. They can’t help it.

Here are the 9 signs that indicate the buyer(s) inspecting your property are taking more than a fleeting interest.

  1. They start placing their furniture in different rooms. “Oh, the dining table would fit nicely there, and we can look onto the bush while we eat.”
  2. They ask, “What are the neighbours like?” Nobody wants to live next door to the local Bandido Bikie Chapter or someone with seven screaming kids. This can be case of ‘the house suits, butwhat about the street?’
  3. They produce the tape measure to see if the fridge will fit. This IS one of the biggest deals to a buyer. If their fridge fits, you are getting closer to ‘game on’.
  4. They find an objection. For example, the third bedroom is a little small, yet they answer and solve their own objection quickly, “It’s ok, we can put Timmy in there, he has a single bed.”
  5. Does the (ride on mower, pool table, outdoor setting, bird bath…) come with it? Be open to saying, “Sure!”, as sometimes it the littlest of things that can tip a buyer into having a go.
  6. They ask, “Have you had any offers?” Always answer honestly. If not, “No, I haven’t.” If yes, “Yep, but we still haven’t got a deal together. The home is definitely for sale.”
  7. They go to a spot in the house or in the yard and ‘huddle’ for an extended chat. They aren’t talking about what is for dinner tonight.
  8. “What would you take for it?” This buyer is hot! This is why you need to be on your game. You ALWAYS answer with, “Make me an offer and let’s find out.”
  9. “Can I bring my (mother, father, uncle, brother, friend, cat…) to have a look with me. The old ‘second inspection’. When you agree to and arrange this, ensure you allow the buyer to sell it to their ‘advisor/trusted third party’, but be aware of and on the look-out for that third party’s objections. They have been put in a place of power by the buyer who is asking for their opinion. Still a good buying sign though.

And I’ll say it again, switch on and shut up. Let them look, watch their body language, listen to what they say and make your answers to their questions brief, friendly and informative.

This will help you determine whether or not the people looking at your home are your buyers or somebody else’s.

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