2019: A good time to sell my house or buy one? Crystal Ball says…

2019: A good time to sell my house or buy one? Crystal Ball says…

Its over – again!

You (not me) possibly braved the traffic, parking rage, crazed mothers – with equally crazed scone grabbers in tow – flustered sales staff offering lots of ‘Merry Christmas’s’.

You had everyone over, or you travelled to the next suburb or next state to be with loved ones.

No matter how you celebrated the festive season, I hope it was filled with joy and love (Bah Humbug).

In just a few hour the clock and calendar tick over and we will find ourselves ready to take on the number 2019.

Can you believe it?  The twentieth year of the 21st Century!

So, what’s in store?

I’ve dusted off my crystal ball and peered deeply into what we can expect in the worlds of property, the economy, national and international politics.

If the ball spits out something you don’t necessarily like, let me know and I’ll see if the company I bought it off still exists and are offering refunds. Does ACME ring a bell?


Stay calm.

Yes, prices will continue to soften, but not at the alarming rate that mainstream media (MSM) would have you believe.

Here’s my latest rant about them.

Banks will be able to loosen their lending criteria once that pesky Royal Commission is forgotten and APRA remove the shackles; interest rates will stay low and first home buyers competing with investors will drive the market once again.

Confidence will creep back and the dooms-dayers will have to put their cue in the rack for a few more years.

The Local Economy:

I am going to lump this in with the probable election in Mid 2019.

Bill Shorten and his merry bunch of Marxist marvels will probably get a turn at taxing the living bejesus out of us and spending our money on shit that doesn’t really matter to most of us.

Consumer confidence and investment will take a hit temporarily then it will be back to ‘normal’.

Interest rates will stay low, yet these will be off-set by further/increased taxes because the pack-horses of our economy PAYG workers and small business no longer provide the windfall the ATO and Govt depend upon.

As Kerry Packer said to a senate committee, headed by pencilled necked pollies, in 1991; “You lot enact laws, but never repeal one.” And, “Of course I minimise my tax, anyone would have to have rocks in their head not to; because you lot don’t look after it very well.”

International Politics/Economy:

Trump will not be impeached.

But stay tuned for the cat to get out the bag regarding that dodgy bunch of southern Belles, the Clintons, in relation to their bullshit ‘foundation’ and collusion to stitch up/spy on Trump during his campaign in 2016.

Now that the Yanks are nett producers of oil and investment is flowing in, the world economy should remain healthy for the foreseeable future.

This is why your petrol is so much cheaper at the moment; the extortionists, oops I mean OPEC, have got too much of the stuff and can’t manipulate higher prices – but they will die trying.

Brexit:  If a second referendum is called, every chance all hell could break loose. (The ‘yellow vest’ movement in France and other parts of Europe are showing that working people are saying “enough is enough” – after the Rothschild puppet, President Macron hit the working class with a new fuel tax. See: Carbon Tax)

A democratic vote was taken and decided – the UK was to leave the European Union.

However, the self-entitled elites, with so much at stake, fearing for their free ride and trough of endless flowing cash to chow down on, no wonder this democratic process is under big pressure.  It’s hard to really predict what will pan out here. I really hope the UK get out.

All in all, I am really looking forward to 2019.

So here are a few others from my glowing orb:

  1. The property market will commence to rally (prices stabilise/increased buyer activity) by mid-year.
  2. There will be change of Federal Government, and look at it this way; you only have the choice of two washed up jockey’s to hop on a bloated, burnt out horse that will provide the same form as it has for the last few decades – crap! I wouldn’t back it with your money.
  3. Karl Stefanovic to find himself paying two lots of alimony.
  4. NZ will hold a referendum on legalizing pot and the ‘Yes’s’ will prevail. Did I hear a nett positive migration flow back to the Land of the Long White Cloud?
  5. The Neo-Cons will continue to demonise Putin and Russia in a hope to re-ignite the Cold War – won’t happen.
  6. Smith and Warner will be back in the Australian Cricket Team quicker than you can sing the opening verse of ‘SOS’ (ABBA).

The batteries on the CB are fading so I’ll leave it there for now.

Happy New Year to you all and once again, thank you for your support.



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